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Benezet Advisors provides best-in-class counsel to empower nonprofits to become financially successful and sustainable.

Build a strong nonprofit from the ground up.

Board Development

Strong nonprofits need a solid foundation – the board of directors. We will help you determine how your board should be uniquely composed, ensure the right people with the right skill sets are in the right seats, and set you up for ongoing board member recruitment, onboarding, training, stewarding, and evaluating.


Strategic Planning

We facilitate a process that involves deep dives with key stakeholders, then a brief retreat to determine the top 3-5 goals that will advance your organization. Each goal is connected to achievable and concrete objectives and the evaluation component ensures accountability. The result is a clear plan to guide the allocation of time and monetary resources, bringing your organization to the next level.

Comprehensive Fund Development Planning

Financially sustainable nonprofits need a well-diversified portfolio of income sources. We can help you formulate your fund development plan and carry out any or all of the following tactics for you: annual giving, appeals, case for support, corporate giving, endowment campaigns, events, grant writing, major giving, marketing and communications plans, moves management, planned giving, and more.

Capital Campaigns

If it's time for a large capital expenditure, let us know. We will accompany you every step of the way from designing a customized roadmap for your nonprofit, to a feasibility study driven by quantitative and qualitative data, to full campaign management at any level that meets your needs.

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

We provide inspirational training to your organization, demonstrating how everybody plays a role in the fundraising process - but not everyone needs to ask for funds. Let us help your board, staff, and volunteers at every level learn to engage with clients in a win-win way that helps clients live out their deepest values while helping the organization achieve its mission.

A little girl enjoys fresh water pouring into her hands nonprofit fundraising consultant
Two older adults lift weights in a gym strategic planning process
An African-American man studies his Bible fundraising strategy for nonprofits
An man and a woman in hardhats are helping build a house nonprofit board development
Dog being pet by man philanthropy consulting

We help nonprofits become financially successful and sustainable.

Need help? Contact us today!

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