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Benezet Advisors provides best-in-class fundraising consulting to empower nonprofits to become financially successful and sustainable.

Build a strong nonprofit from the ground up.

#HereForYou Coaching

Leading a nonprofit can be overwhelming - we get it! Sometimes you need help thinking through major donor strategies, organizing and systematizing your work, troubleshooting fundraising issues, establishing key performance indicators, assessing progress against goals ... and we can help you every step of the way. For a reasonable monthly investment, you can join the many nonprofits who consider Benezet Advisors a trusted friend and advisor, and you'll never have to bear the weight of fundraising leadership alone.


Capital Campaigns

Does your organization need significant capital improvements as well as a consistent source of funding for future operations? Benezet Advisors can guide your team through campaign pre-planning, feasibility study, quiet phase, kickoff, public phase, and campaign completion. Let us help you build the future of your dreams. 

Strategic Plans

Do you need to cast a grander vision that positions you to ask for multi-year investments? Is it time to revisit your mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives to launch your nonprofit to the next level? A strategic plan demonstrates to your giving partners that your cause is worthy of their investment and gives direction to your day-to-day work. Don't skip this important building block to your organization's success.

Fund Development Plans

Do you have a plan to achieve your annual fundraising goals, positioning you for future growth and sustainability? Benezet Advisors helps you create a roadmap to success through annual giving, major giving, grants, earned income, corporate gifts, appeals, events, communication strategies, planned giving, and more.

Board Development

Does your board need coaching, expansion, clarification of roles, and a surge of energy? The success of many organizations rests on the effectiveness of the board, and ensuring the right people with the right attributes and skill sets are in the right seats cannot be overstated. Implementing our tried and true board development process will move your organization from surviving to thriving.

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We help nonprofits become financially successful and sustainable.

Need help? Contact us today!

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