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Beyond the Bricks: 8 Advantages of a Capital Campaign

Capital campaigns are necessary when an organization needs to purchase new land, buildings, or equipment, or to significantly expand programming and long-term capacity.


There is no faster way to raise the largest gifts your organization has ever received in the shortest amount of time. Here are eight advantages to capital campaigns beyond simply expanding your organization’s footprint:


1.      Capital Campaigns Boost Your Annual Fund

A well-run capital campaign should not cannibalize your annual fund, but just the opposite – galvanize your base of supporters! Donors catch the vision, urgency, and excitement and are asked to give anywhere from 2 to 10 times more than their regular annual gift. Honest conversations with donors to request that any campaign gift be provided above and beyond their annual gift (because the organization will not stop its normal programming during a capital campaign) is a necessary component to keeping the organization healthy during a campaign.


2.      Capital Campaigns Expand Your Donor Base and Increase Community Visibility

The feasibility study gives your top giving partners and community leaders the opportunity to share your organization with their networks to learn who else might have an interest in the exciting vision placed before them. Once approximately 75% of the goal is raised, the organization launches a media-worthy kickoff event. This event introduces the “public phase” to attract new investors who are excited to begin their journey with you.


3.      Capital Campaigns Create Deeper Connections with Donors

A carefully constructed feasibility study and quiet phase of the capital campaign create deeper connections with donors by inviting them to provide input on the case for support, join one of several campaign committees, and accompany your organization on the journey as trusted partners and investors.


4.      Capital Campaigns Attract Larger Foundation Gifts

Big goals invite big gifts, and many grantmakers like to see an organization “think big” – particularly in partnership with other organizations – and may enthusiastically fund those initiatives that make a bigger impact than was ever possible before.


5.      Capital Campaigns Invigorate Volunteer Involvement

Not only will you need many volunteers to serve on specific committees throughout the campaign, but those who feel more ownership of the organization because of the capital campaign may choose to stay beyond the campaign and continue volunteering in other capacities.


6.      Capital Campaigns Encourage Long-Term Dreams and Goals

Smart organizations leverage the capital campaign pre-planning as an opportunity to think longer-term than ever before, and to develop new goals that push the boundaries of what has been possible.


7.      Capital Campaigns Launch or Grow a Planned Giving Program

If the organization does not yet have an endowment, a reasonable rule of thumb is to set an endowment goal of twice the operating budget. The capital campaign can grow the endowment by allocating a percentage of each campaign gift to endowment or by pursuing a number of bequests in addition to capital funds.


8.      Greater Community Impact Than Ever Before

This is the whole idea, right? The capital campaign allows your organization to serve more people, improve more lives, and have an impact that will last into eternity.

Thinking of a capital campaign? Benezet Advisors can guide your team every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your capital campaign needs!

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