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Advancing Your Mission
is Our Passion

We have one mission: to advance yours.

Benezet Advisors help nonprofits become financially sustainable, achieving more than they ever thought possible.

Consultations are FREE for a limited time!

Contact us today to boost your fundraising program right away.

Are you an Executive Director or board member of a nonprofit, overwhelmed by fundraising?

Are you tried of starting each fiscal year at $0?

Do you wish you had a plan to achieve your fundraising goals each year, positioning you for future growth and sustainability?

Are you ready to move beyond events as a primary means of fundraising?

Does your board need coaching, expansion, clarification of roles, and a surge of energy?

Is it time for you to begin or refresh your strategic plan?

Are you hoping to cast a grander vision that positions you to ask for multi-year investments?

Does your organization need significant capital improvements - as well as a consistent source of funding for future operations?

If any of the above resonate with you, we can help. Benezet Advisors are fundraising consultants who partner with nonprofits to achieve financial sustainability. Advancing your mission is our passion.


We provide the following services:

  • Board Development

  • Fund Development Plans

  • Strategic Plans

  • Capital Campaign Counsel

  • #HereForYou Coaching

Your results could be:

  • A solid financial foundation for your nonprofit

  • An optimized and engaged board, excited to evangelize your mission

  • An inspiring and actionable strategic plan that guides your steps

  • A clear and simple fundraising and communications plan

  • A wider community of donors who see themselves as investors

  • A successful capital campaign that also boosts your annual giving

  • Peace of mind for you and those you serve

If you lead a nonprofit and these outcomes sound good to you, please contact us!

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