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Creating a Sustainable Nonprofit

Thank you for attending Creating a Sustainable Nonprofit: A Roadmap to Success

presented by Manning & Napier on June 1, 2022.

Here are excellent, curated resources for you to help you raise money like a pro.

If you need help with your strategic fund development, reach out! It would be a pleasure to help you.



Board of Directors:


Strategic Plan:

Development Plan:


Agency Budget

Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acknowledgement Process/Stewardship Flowchart

Donation Pyramid

Fundraising and Communications Calendar

Key Performance Indicators

Case for Support

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy:

Starting a Planned Giving Program

Does your nonprofit need fundraising help?

Contact us today to discuss how Benezet Advisors can help you advance your mission,

propelling your nonprofit to financial success and sustainability.

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