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The Questions That Keep You Up at Night

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

If you are anything like me, during the day it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of "getting things done." But in those moments of quiet, the big questions rise to the top.

As a nonprofit leader, do you find yourself asking questions like these?

How do I get my board to help more?

My organization has too many priorities - which one am I supposed to find funding for next?

In order to raise money, we have to hire more people, but how can we hire anyone without raising more money first? It’s a Catch-22 …

How do I find the donors to make major gifts ... and what do I say to them?

How do I figure out who needs to join our board?

I know we need a strategic plan, but what does that even mean?

If you are asking those questions, you are not alone! And there are tried and true ways to find the answers.

Let me give you an illustration that may help:

The strongest nonprofits have a solid board as their foundation, a hardworking (yet it can be simple!) strategic plan that guides their day-to-day work, and a fund development plan that clearly illustrates how to raise the money to support operations.

These steps are key to building a strong nonprofit, and foregoing any of them will leave you with a house of cards.

Now, most nonprofits have parts of these components, but they need strengthening. Does your organization have a governing board when what it needs is a working board - or vice versa? Was your strategic plan created before COVID-19 and is no longer relevant? Is it time to diversify your organization's income sources?

If these questions are keeping you up at night, that's good! Because these are the right questions to be asking.

Don't stress. Reach out and let us know where your "pain points" are, and we'll help steer you in the right direction. A consultation is completely free and extremely valuable.

Our mission is to advance yours. We are here for you. Let us know how we can help.



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